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Hi there! My name's Rob.

I'm a photographer and filmmaker. I'm based out of North Wales but love to travel for work (usually with a stash of my own Yorkshire Tea teabags just in case).

I've always been creative and I actually fell into photo and video work totally by accident. I was out on the road with my band and a band that we were touring with asked if I'd make them some video content as they had seen that I had a camera with me. I said "sure why not" and little did I know that I'd be sat here now years later as a full time professional photographer and videographer running my own company. It's weird how life works ain't it?!


And what a journey it's been - I've photographed weddings with Superman, shot commercial video whilst dangling from the side of a moving truck at speed and been allowed to set waaaay too many things on fire for cinematic sequences.

So how do I work?  GOOD QUESTION - For weddings, music and events I enjoy shooting in a candid and unobtrusive way. I'm a big believer that the story is already unfolding in front of the camera and my job is to simply capture it. No weird cheesy poses, no perfume advert hipster nonsense, just laid back photo and video for laid back people. It's also worth me mentioning that I can also shoot photo and video whilst actively participating in a conga line. Just sayin'.


For commercial work I like to get to know your brand and understand your clientele. I also like to totally throw out the "commercial rule book" because it ain't the 80's no more. Authenticity is the key.

GOT ANY DECENT GEAR? You bet! Over the years I have accumulated a real nice professional gear locker that includes industry leading camera bodies and prime lenses with all the modern bells and whistles. I also have a collection of vintage film cameras and camcorders (the 90's camcorder is my favourite) that I LOVE to incorporate into my work whenever the opportunity presents itself.  If you want your wedding to look like a mash up of 90's home video and a high end cinematic modern highlights film it goes without saying - I'm your man!

In short - a client once described me as "chill yet professional" and I think that sums it up quite nicely. I'm also fully insured, DBS certified and far too chatty for my own good. If that sounds like the sorta photographer and/or filmmaker that you're looking for I'd love to chat about whatever it is that you have in mind.



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